Peter Vadiveloo is a musician and teacher based in Melbourne, Australia (Kulin nation).

Peter has forged a remarkable career by developing three separate yet related musical pursuits:  singer/songwriter, drummer/percussionist and teacher.

As such, Peter has performed and taught nationally and internationally for over 20 years.

Peter has experience in an astonishing array of musical styles including jazz, flamenco, comedy cabaret, rock/pop, Middle Eastern, musicals, folk, latino, West African, North African, South African and Afro-Cuban.

Influenced by a background in musical theatre and comedy cabaret, Peter is an accomplished performer and front man.

However, he is just as at home sitting behind a drum kit providing a solid groove for others. His singing/playing can be heard on over 20 commercially available recordings.

Peter composes for his various projects in the genres of world music, comedy cabaret, contemporary guitar-singer and instrumental music.

Peter currently performs as a singer/songwriter and a session drummer/percussionist. In addition, he is a founding member of the cult folk comedy cabaret band Jugularity, and also the flamenco-inspired duo, Encuentro. He is also the drummer in Pearl – The Janis Joplin Show. 

In addition to performing, Peter is sought after as a teacher of drum kit and percussion in and has taken his teaching programs around Australia and internationally. He teaches both individual and group classes.

Outside of music, Peter had a previous career as a medical research scientist, and holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry (Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne).

In 1997 he won the World Kelp Hanging Championship (Amateur Division) on King Island. 

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