Peter Vadiveloo is a musician based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia.

Peter has been songwriting and performing for over 30 years.

Two distinctive features of Peter's performances are his powerful voice and his ability to entertain his audiences. 

Peter's songwriting is characterized by its thought-provoking nature. His lyrics delve into a wide range of topics, and listeners have described them as political, funny, provocative, playful, moving, and thought-provoking. His songs primarily revolve around environmental and social justice issues, highlighting his commitment to raising awareness and promoting positive change through his music.

What sets Peter apart is his diverse musical repertoire. Drawing from his lifelong experience, he seamlessly incorporates an astonishing array of genres into his songs. From rock/pop, funk, jazz, and flamenco to comedy cabaret, musical theatre, opera, folk, Latino and Afro-Cuban music, Peter's versatility knows no bounds. This eclectic fusion of styles allows him to create a unique and captivating musical experience for his listeners.

Peter Vadiveloo is a highly accomplished musician whose talent, engaging performances, and thought-provoking compositions have made an impact on the Australian music scene.


"Entertainers can be very special people, with the ability to trap an audience into listening, thinking, considering a fresh idea or concept and possibly forming a new perspective.
Peter Vadiveloo is one such performer.
If you are lucky enough to be an audience member you may become a changed individual.
Environmental, social issues and other important topics are the order of the day in Peter Vadiveloo's music. Always relevant and entertaining, never frivolous or dull. Compelling entertainment, indeed!"
Di Clifford, Director, Gulgong Folk Festival 2019

"Singer/songwriter Peter Vadiveloo performed thought-provoking sets at Uranquinty Folk Festival. He combined vocals with guitar and percussion to present songs from the serious to humourous. His strong voice grabbed the audiences' attention at all of the venues" (Heather Hunter, President, Uranquinty Folk Festival, NSW). 

"Annexe Arts played host to the intriguing and thought provoking Peter Vadiveloo at the Caravan Club last Sunday. Peter's commanding voice, provocative songs and subtle guitar playing held the full house in raptures as he weaved seamlessly through a selection if thought provoking and sensitive songs. The crowd loved his energy and connection with the audience. Great performance!!" (Steve Carr, Director, Annexe Arts, Caravan Music Club, Melbourne).

"A charismatic musician who engages his audience during his fantastic one man show with such a broad variety of original songs that every listener will be catered for. From political to funny all topics will be covered and leave the listener with plenty to think about well after the show has finished" (Farouk’s Olive, Melbourne).

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In addition to being a singer/songwriter, Peter has performed and recorded for decades as a kit drummer and percussionist. As well as Western music (rock, pop, jazz, funk, etc), his interests in rhythm have taken him on journeys into flamenco, Latino, Middle Eastern and African music.

He is a founding member of the cult folk band Jugularity, and sings, writes and plays percussion with them.

Peter is also sought after as a teacher of drum kit and percussion and has taken his teaching programs around Australia and internationally. He is regularly booked to run drum circles.

Outside of music, Peter had a previous career as a medical research scientist, and holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry (Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne).

In 1997 he won the World Kelp Hanging Championship (Amateur Division) on King Island.