Peter has been a music educator for over 3 decades.

His teaching has been described as "brilliant", "amazing" and "inspirational" (see Testimonials below).

Peter teaches teaches drum kit, cajon, djembe, darbuka and general percussion and rhythm. He also teaches guitar. 

Peter founded and runs Melbourne Drum Circles. 

His programs are tailored to suit people of all ages, from the young to the elderly, the novice to the experienced, and for individuals or groups.

Peter has taught in primary schools and high schools, and for choirs, festivals and councils.

His programs can accommodate anything from one-off sessions to on-going weekly teaching.

Peter's successful 'Percussion Experience' program has been booked at many festivals including the National Folk Festival, Fairbridge Music Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival (see below for videos).

Recently, he went to India to conduct percussion workshops at the Isha Vidhya School in Cuddalore.

Currently, Peter runs teaching programs at Hampton Primary School, Monash Council (Monash Community Drum Circle), Outer Urban Projects and Caulfield Music School.


"Thank-you for being the most amazing drum teacher in the universe". Traci Cenedese, Head of Music, Hampton Primary School.

A fantastic afternoon - much focus, laughter, enthusiasm and exhilaration. Peter is a brilliant leader, personable, dynamic and very thorough. Participants left the workshop uplifted, with a more confident and better understanding of playing rhythm". Christine McDonald, Newport Folk Festival.

"Peter Vadiveloo ran body percussion workshops for the Suzuki Winter Festival 2013 and the feedback we received from parents and students was fantastic! We have had requests to invite him back again and we will be doing so! Thank you Peter for the work you put into these classes". Rosemary Fuller, Acting General Manager, Suzuki Music (Victoria).

"I had a super great time being part of the percussion group at Port Fairy!  It was FUN, a little scary and then SUPER ACE FUN!" Pt Fairy Festival participant

"Peter Vadiveloo is a great teacher, cleverly building our skills and slowly increasing the complexity of rhythms. And of course, Peter is immensely entertaining. So not only could I join in, but the whole experience was really fun!" Liezl Shnookal, Pt Fairy Festival participant.

"Thanks so much again for your fantastic energy and creating what was the highlight of the festival for me". Roses Gap Music Camp participant.

"Peter was able to engage all our students in fun and creative way. It was great to see the students practising all they had learnt while on the playground. The students loved the experiences." Simon Fitzpatrick, Principal, Holy Family Primary School.

"The children and I thoroughly enjoyed your rhythm workshops at our school last Monday. The children were very engaged and motivated in the presentation of ideas, and in the games and activities.  I really liked the clear, interesting explanations/information you gave the children throughout the workshops and you gave them so many opportunities to share their own thoughts and ideas too. You had a lovely rapport with them all. Thankyou for the invaluable, very enjoyable music experience you shared with us." Kathy Shaw, St Thomas More School. 

"Peter provided a fantastic percussion program that engaged all students and enabled them to make music. He developed our students to the point where they could make their own rhythm and beats. Peter made our graduation spectacular by getting our grade 6 students to perform both body percussion and drumming performances. Our students warmed to Peter's approach enabling them to be fully active and engaged". Robert Csoti, Principal, Clayton South Primary School.

"The different tonal and rhythmic qualities that Peter demonstrated opened the students eyes and some students who I though might have been a bit reluctant to participate come on board very easily with Peter's encouragement and enthusiasm. I was really impressed by his vast knowledge (I had no idea about some of the stuff he was demonstrating) and how well the students engaged with him. Please pass on our thanks to Peter. He was a real inspiration for the students and me!" Angela Facey, Music Coordinator, Horsham College.

"Our thanks goes to you. Your workshop was fun, inspiring and pitched at exactly the right level for our group. Your ability to break down what seems at first quite complex, into simple, manageable steps is a gift. The clear love and enthusiasm you have for your craft is contagious and I think everyone felt that we progressed in leaps and bounds in those 2 short hours we spent together". Janet Troy, Leader, Tongue & Groove.

"This year Port Fairy offered a huge range of workshops but I couldn't go past Peter Vadiveloo's offering: Percussion Experience. Peter is a natural born teacher". Pt Fairy Festival participant.

Group Teaching

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Drum Kit Performance

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